Cafes, Pubs & Restaurants

Because the Shaderunner® is robust, long lasting & easily operated, it is extremely well suited for commercial environments. Shades for pubs, café shades and restaurant shades are all fantastic applications for the Shaderunner®.

When the weather is nice, people like to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors. This type of alfresco entertainment is hard to achieve, however, without suitable outside weather protection.

This is where the Shaderunner® is very useful, as it provides wonderful sun protection, as well as rain protection also (using waterproof PVC fabric).

By installing sun and rain protection for your establishment, you can improve the comfort and wellbeing of your patrons. Increase customer satisfaction and make outside areas comfortable.

Improve the overall look and feel of your outside areas, bring customers back to your establishment, and improve your bottom line. Install a Shaderunner® today.