Around the Home

The Shaderunner® is an affordable shade, with the convenience of being retractable. This makes it the perfect solution for residential applications. Simply extend or retract the Shaderunner® whenever your heart desires, and you can gain fantastic sun protection on demand.

Easily operated by an endless control cord, the Shaderunner® can be pulled in or out in a matter of seconds. This flexibility allows you to control the climate of outdoor areas around your home.

Stylish shade that compliments all architectural styles, from contemporary suburban homes to traditional country residents.

The modern styling of the Shaderunner means that it is a great option for new homes and renovations. Because of its minimal form factor, it is well suited to older contemporary style homes as well.

If you want to improve the look of your backyard, and increase its living area, then the Shaderunner® can do just that. Create new outside areas to enjoy, and increase the value of your home, with the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail System.