Decks & Courtyards

The Shaderunner® is ideal for decks and courtyards, as it can cover large areas in a single span. The unique tensioned wire system that the Shaderunner® Sail is supported by, allows it to extend up to a maximum 14 metres in length in certain situations.

Larger spans are also possible if specifically designed. With a maximum width of 6.5 metres, up to 90m2 can be covered by a single shade if structural elements are suitable. This means that the Shaderunner® is super easy to install.

Whether it is a new house, or an existing structure, you can design your shade exactly how you want.

With countless different fixing options, it is easy to find a solution that fits your particular area. Once you have chosen your final design, simply install your footings, posts, structure, and fixings, then install the Shaderunner® Sail itself.

If you already have a deck installed, or other flooring such as pavers, you can always build around these, as you have ability to place posts and footings beyond these areas, with the wires spanning over to these.  

Because the Shaderunner® can cover large areas, without any mid support structure, it is well suited to shading these particular outdoor areas.