Pool Shading


A very popular area where the Shaderunner® really shines, is swimming pool shading. This is because a lot of the time you may not want full shade of your pool.

When you want a little bit of sunshine on cooler days, simply pull the Shaderunner® back to promote light and warmth.

Tie-off and secure it in position, and now the Shaderunner® only provides shade for the part of the pool area that you require.

Commercial Pools and Swim Centres

Because the Shaderunner® is supported by steel wires, it has the ability to span large distances, much further than other shade systems. This makes it a great retractable shade option for large swimming pools and aquatic centers.

The marine grade stainless steel fixings and fittings, along with the simple and robust design, make the Shaderunner® a fantastic choice for commercial applications. Because of it's corrosion resistance , the Shaderunner® fairs well in swimming pool and chlorine environments.

Multiple tear and mold resistant fabrics are available, including 95%UV blockout polyester mesh. Waterproof PVC fabric options are also available. Stitched together using a UV resistant thead, made from PTFE. This makes the Shaderunner® very long lasting, even in harsh conditions. 

Motorized systems are available, using a wireless push button remote. This gives you the ultimate in simplicity and control. These features are just some of the reasons why the Shaderunner® is popular for both Residential settings and Commercial Swimming or Aquatic Centres.