Where is the Shaderunner® made?

The Shaderunner® is made in Adelaide, South Australia, by the family owned and operated company Shadeform Sails .

What are the size limitations for the Shaderunner®?

Maximum width is always 6.5m, Maximum extension is 14m for single sails (manual systems), but longer extensions are possible depending on structural supports. Twin Sails on the same wires, that pull towards the centre, are also possible. This essentially doubles the extension of the Shaderunner®
For Motorized Systems, size is limited to a maximum extension of 14m (for Residential) *Conditions apply. There is a minimum width of 2m.

How is the Shaderunner® supported?

2 Stainless Steel wires are generally used for most sizes, but extra wires can be added for situations that might require them, i.e. for windy areas, very long spans, or to suit engineering requirements.

How does the Shaderunner® hold its form across the width of the sail?

The Shaderunner® has a series of aluminium cross tubes within the fabric, at a series of spacings worked out by the designer.

How does the Shaderunner® travel along the wires?

Using Ronstan Ball Bearing marine grade yachting pulleys attached to the aluminium cross tubes, these run along the wires in a frictionless motion, that make it an easy manual pull on the control cord in either direction. This makes it easy for any size person to operate the Sail.

What is the method that extends & retracts the Sail (manual system)?

A single endless polyester rope system is used, that when pulled in one direction, will extend the sail and when pulled in the opposite direction, it will retract the sail back into the stacked position. The rope is then led down to a yachting horn cleat and tethered off around this.
For very large systems, or where the Shaderunner® is sloped or angled, a manual yachting winch can be added to aid operation.

Can the Shaderunner® be motorized?

Yes, but limitations apply. Size is limited to a maximum of 14m (for Residential) *Conditions apply. There is a minimum width of 2m.
The Somfy RTS motor is housed within a slimline powder-coated aluminium headbox and operated by remote control.

Can the Fabric Stack Drop measurement vary?

Yes, the typical range is between 250mm – 500mm and is custom made to suit site requirements like windows or doors below the sail etc. There is a minimum of 150mm, and we generally do not recommend going over 500mm.

How can the Shaderunner® be mounted?

It can be mounted either onto building using various fixings methods, e.g. house facias via rafter brackets behind, or onto brick walls etc. (subject to structural requirements) and spanning out to 2 posts etc. or under or within pergola framed structures, or be free standing using multiple posts. (Or a combination of these – plus more)

What Fabrics are used for the Shaderunner®?

Outlook 95% Polyester Mesh for controllable shade & glare reduction (10 year manufacturer’s UV warranty)
Waterproof PVC fabric, which is a translucent & all-weather protection (10 year manufacturer’s UV warranty)
(Note: 2 degree side fall is required to ensure water run-off)
Acrylic Canvas, including Weathermax, suited to both internal & external applications (5 year manufacturer’s warranty)

What sort of colour range is available in the Fabric choices?

There is a wide range of colour choices in each fabric type, check the fabric brochures for more detail

What is required for the cleaning or maintaining of the Shaderunner® System?

The Sail fabric just requires a clean normally around every 12 months using mild detergent and water to remove surface dirt or bird droppings etc.

What Warranties apply for the Shaderunner®?

5 Years on components & workmanship, 5-10 years on fabrics, 10 years on fabric stitching or welding & 5 years on the Somfy motors

Is Council Approval required for the Shaderunner®?

Generally, not as it is a retractable system, but all Council’s vary in their interpretations, so we advise to check with your own local Council on this.

What is the Shaderunner® like in Windy conditions?

The Shaderunner® is designed to a wind resistance of 25 knots and then should be retracted. Higher wind resistance is possible subject to engineer design of support structures etc.

Is the Shaderunner® available Australia wide?

Yes, we have an extensive Dealer Network Australia wide who are experienced in the knowledge and installation of the Sail. Contact the Shaderunner® team for your nearest distributor.

Is the Shaderunner ® available worldwide?

The Shaderunner® has been sold into the UK and USA, and we are currently looking to expand our network to other regions around the world. Contact the Shaderunner® team for more information.