Commercial Applications

High precision and attention to detail are the reasons why the Shaderunner® is one of the best designs for commercial retractable shade. Constructed from durable components and rigorously tested fabrics, the Shaderunner® provides a robust retractable shade solution capable of spanning large areas with minimum support structure beneath - an important factor when considering the shading of commercial or public spaces.

Most Shaderunners® feature an easy to use manually operated endless cord system with horn cleat tie off point. Very large or inclined systems may also include a winch to assist with manual operation. For publicly accessible areas a stainless-steel lockable horn cleat cover plate can be added to prevent unwanted access to the operation cord. 

For the ultimate convenience, the Shaderunner® can be motorised with a Somfy RTS motor - housed in a slimline powder-coated headbox.

The Shaderunner® is manufactured from a range of rigorously tested fabrics which are as durable as they are stylish, being designed to withstand high traffic applications and the demands of the harsh Australian climate with ease. This simple yet functional system provides the ultimate convenience of controllable shade on demand, maximising the use of outdoor spaces in the Australian climate.

Constructed from the most durable components, including marine grade 316 stainless steel fittings and Ronstan yachting ball bearing pulleys, the Shaderunner® provides a robust retractable shade solution for a range of commercial applications. From Alfresco Dining Areas and Beer Gardens, Schools and Childcare Centres, Swimming Pools and Aquatic Centres

Commercial clients appreciate our 25 years in the business, including our expert manufacturers and installers. 

Each Shaderunner® is individually designed and manufactured to suit the application, providing the optimum custom shade solution. This flexible design approach, along with site specific engineering and structural design enables the creation of a truly tailor-made shade solution, capable of shading larger areas or more complex sites that other off-the-peg retractable shade systems simply cannot accommodate. Adaptable by design, the Shaderunner®  is the ultimate in dependable on-demand shading for commercial applications.

With thousands of Shaderunner® systems currently in use, this durable and dependable shade solution provides years of trouble-free shading with minimal maintenance.