Aged Care | Community Centres

Aged care centres have outside areas that often go unused. This is where added sun protection can be of real benefit, especially to those people who like to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. The Shaderunner® has been installed in many different types of aged care centres, as it is a quick and useful way to create shade. 

Because it has the ability to be retracted, the Shaderunner® is very flexible in the weather protection it provides. This makes it great for courtyards and large open areas typically found in community centres. When the weather is a little on the colder side, you can retract the Shaderunner® and promote warmth. This allows you to create cozy outside environments, to be enjoyed all year round.

"The Shaderunner® can cover very large spans, including big open areas, found in aged care and community centres."

A simple yet functional system, the Shaderunner® requires minimal maintenance once it is installed. This extends the canopies longevity, making it quite long lasting compared to other retractable awnings. Because the Shaderunner® is engineer designed to withstand strong winds, it can stand up to extreme weather environments.

The canopy should be retracted in strong winds, but sometimes it is left out by accident. This is where a wind sensor is a good option. By having your shade electrically controlled, it can sense when the wind is too strong and automatically fold back. This prevents storm damage, and prolongs the lifetime of your shade.